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Samosa Haus came to life by former Restaurant Manager Zuber Malek and his wife Mehnaz. We wanted to bring to the masses a taste for Indian street food and there were no real alternatives around the Houston area. Sure, there are a ton of fantastic South Asian eateries, but most have extensive menus, that might make your average foodie a bit confused. We wanted to simplify choices when it came to Indian food, and make it more friendly to people who haven't tried it. Another distinctive trait of Samosa Haus is that we specialize in meat Samosas. Many Samosas served all over focus on vegetarian fillings, including the most common known "Aloo Samosa" , but here we wanted people to experience Beef and Chicken Samosas. We also carry Aloo. It has been a long journey to bring this concept to life, we are average people bringing complex flavors to the masses in a simple fashion. 

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